Joseph Simpson (1838-1907) and Mary Stewart

Joseph Simpson  (1838-1907) was the son of Hugh Simpson (1804-1897) and Mary Kidd (1801-1882).  Note: see post on Hugh Simpson -the Elder.  Married  Mary Minnie Stewart  (1848-1917)  – the daughter of Thomas Stewart and Margaret Jane Noble  Stewart, who lived one farm below the Simpsons in Clarke township.  In 1881 Joseph and Mary living with Joseph’s parents and Margaret and Robert Morton, presumably on the Simpson farm.  In 1895 homesteaded near Holland,  Manitoba, and then in about 1902 homesteaded in the Birch Hills area of Saskatchewan where he died in 1907.   They arrived in Birch Hills 3 years prior to the arrival of the first train service.  In 1911 Mary is living with sons William G. and Robert.  In 1916 she is living with her daughter Eva’s family in Saskatchewan.

  • Hugh I. Simpson  b. 1873  (died early)
  • William George Simpson  (1876-1931) died in Birch Hills, SK.   Married Annie Smith (1873-1973) in 1912.   Had at least 2 children: Eva (1913-1995) and Mabel (1915-1979) .  Both children died in Kelowna, BC. He served as Reeve in the NWT. (Note: however I cannot find either in the death registry for BC.  But may be under their married names.)
    • Eva C. Simpson (1913-1995). Believe she died in Kelowna.  Married Frederick Stevens (1910-1994) in 1943.
      • Larry Stevens (1945-1988).
      • Murray Stevens (1952-)  Perhaps living in Toronto.
        • Christopher Stevens (perhaps living in Edmonton)
    • Mabel L. Simpson (1915-1979).   Perhaps married  x James.  Believe she too died in Kelowna, of a car accident.
  • Eva Christina Simpson  (1878-1959). Died in Birch Hills, SK.   Married William Bellamy (1872-1957) in 1900. They were married in Ontario.
    • John Joseph Bellamy (1912-1966).  Married Margaret Johnston who died too early.
      • John Richard Bellamy (1945-).  Married Janet Elaine Green
        • Christina Margaret Bellamy (1980-)
  • John A. Simpson  (1881-1967)  In 1901 living with brother Thomas in Manitoba. Married to Ada Theodora Adams  [known as Dora] (1886-1955).  Ada was the daughter of Charles Adams who had been born in the Red River Settlement of Manitoba in 1833.  They moved to BC in 1937 and to Vancouver in 1952, living in Kitsilano.  Buried in Oceanview Cemetery, Burnaby. On doctors orders he auctioned the farm and moved to Salmon Arm, BC in 1937 and then to Vancouver.
    • Helen Marion Simpson (1913-).   In 1939 married Frances William Doyle (1916-1985) in Salmon Arm, BC.  In 1930 she traveled to Montana.
      • Dennis
      • Patrick
      • Gerald
    • Iva Jean Simpson (1914-1993).  Married Fred Fiander (-1972) in 1945.  Believe she died in Lady Smith, BC.
      • Barbara Jean Fiander (1947-)
      • Judith Isabel (1955-)
  • Robert J. Simpson  (1889-1946).  Married Sarah Elizabeth MacDonald (1888-1972) in 1912.  Lived in Birch Hills, SK., died in Lacombe, Alberta. The genealogy of Sarah MacDonald provides a crash course in Canadian history.  Her mother was Jane Thompson and her grandmother was Emma Turner who was the daughter of Joseph Turner.  Joseph Turner was the son of Philip Turner (1752-1800) and Elizabeth White Bear Wapusk, an Indian or Eskimo woman.  Philip Turner (Turnor) arrived in Canada in 1778 having contracted with the Hudson Bay Company to provide survey services.  He trained David Thompson the great explorer and map maker.  It was common for British and Scottish men to come to Canada and marry native women while still having a wife at home or to marry again when they returned to Britain.
    • Aileen Edith Simpson (1915-2007).  Married Wesley Harold Adams (1911-1970).  In1975 Aileen married Clarence Rix.
      • Harvey Arnold Adams (1940) married Julie Ann Beck
      • Charles Lester Adams (1941) married Judy Dalby
      • Ronald Harvey Adams (1945) married Eileen Schmidt
      • Linda Marlene Adams (1948) married Dale Hastings
      • Judith Ann Dale (1949) married Bob Cranston
      • Elizabeth Louise (Betty Lou) Adams (1951) married Gerry Tober
    • Robert Simpson (1917-1990).  Died in Swan River, MN
    • George Lester Simpson (1918-1987). Died in Red Deer, AB.
    • Donald Simpson (1918-1986). Died in Vancouver. (Note: I cannot find either Donald or Chester in BC death registry.)
    • Chester Simpson (1928-2006). Died in Trail, BC.
    • Joseph (1916-)
    • Jack (1922-)
    • Ruth (1923-)
  • Hugh Thomas Simpson  (1874-1955).   Married Annie Thomson in 1901. b. 1875.   In 1911 living in Manitoba close to family.   Lived in Birch Hills, SK. and died in Prince Albert, SK.
    • Ellamay (or Ella May) Simpson (1902-1986) in Manitoba. Married Alexander Dunn ( ). Both buried in Birch Hills. See the posts on the Manitoba Simpsons for photos.
    • Evelyn  Simpson (1904-1992) in Manitoba.  Married Ray Ferguson
    • Arthur Simpson b. 1906 in Manitoba. Married Nellie McDonald
    • Lyall Simpson b. 1909 in Manitoba.  Married Jean x.
      • Shirley Simpson (was living in Calgary).
    • Ada Simpson (1911-) married Louis Braaten (had 3 kids)
    • Harold (1913-) married Sandra Lee Jobe
    • Annie (1916-1974)

    (Note:  some of my photos may be of members of this family.   The marriage photo may be of Hugh Thomas Simpson in 1901 or of Eva C. Simpson in 1900.   The young child from Brandon may well be Ella May Simpson, Evelyn Simpson or even Jackie Bellamy (although she was born in 1912).   Davidson Brothers, the photographer of the young child was in business in Brandon from 1896-1912.)

Cemetery records for Kinistino:  Joseph Simpson, Mary Stewart Simpson.   Cemetery records for Birch Hills: Annie Simpson, Evelyn Simpson Ferguson, Annie Elizabeth Simpson, William George Simpson, Mabel Louise Simpson James, Ella May Simpson Dunn.  Cemetery records for Prince Albert:  Ernest Lyall Simpson, Hugh Thomas Simpson.

** For online information on this family see the book titled Birch Hills, Coolidge, Heatherdell:  The People and the History.

In the back row:  Hugh Thomas Simpson, Eva Simpson, Robert Simpson.   Front row: John A. Simpson, Joseph, Mary, George William Simpson.  Taken about 1900 I think or perhaps prior to 1895 when they left Orono.

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