Hugh Thomas Simpson (1874-1955) and Annie Thompson

Hugh Thomas (Tom) Simpson  (1874-1955) was a son of Joseph Simpson (1838-1907 ) who had moved to Manitoba in about 1895 and then to Saskatchewan in about 1902   Married Annie Thompson (1875-) in 1901 in Camille, MB.   The Thompson family lived in South Norfolk, Manitoba as did the Simpsons.  Annie’s parents were born in Ireland. In 1911 living in Saskatchewan, close to family.   Lived in Birch Hills, SK. and died in Prince Albert, SK.

  • Ellamay (or Ella May) Simpson (1902-1986) in Manitoba, married Alexander Dunn.  See the posts on the Manitoba Simpsons for photos.
  • Evelyn  Simpson (1904-1992) in Manitoba married Ray Ferguson in 1931. Lived in Saskatoon.
  • Arthur Simpson  (1906-1971) in Manitoba.  Married Nellie McDonald.  Lived in North Battleford.
  • Lyall Simpson (1909-1971)  in Manitoba.  Married Jean Heather and lived most of their lives in Prince Albert.
    • Shirley Simpson
      • Tracy
  • Ada Simpson (1911-) married Louis Braaten.  They had 3 kids one named Annie who lived in Westbank, BC.
  • Harold Simpson (1913-1986). Married Jessie Hagyart.
    • Steve Simpson (1947-1968) – killed in a car accident.
    • Hana Simpson (lived in Vancouver).
  • Annie Simpson (1916-1974). May not have married.

I am not sure this is Hugh Thomas Simpson but through the process of elimination feel that it is.  Photo was taken in Morden, Manitoba which is not all that close to  Camille, so I don’t know why they would have been there.  The man certainly looks like a Simpson.   Compare this photo to the next one taken on Birch Hills around 1907.  They may be the same. We also have a photo of a young girl with the name “Myrtle” on the back, probably added after the fact.  After extensive researching I can find no person that might match this name.  The photo was taken in Brandon, Manitoba by a photographer who was there from 1896 to 1912.  If H.T. Simpson and Annie had stayed in touch with Hugh Simpson who had moved to Broadview Saskatchewan in 1901, they may well have sent photos.  Is the photo below of Ella May?

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