Family Research A project to trace the history of the Simpson and Parkinson families of Saskatchewan Wed, 11 Jun 2014 20:13:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Charlesworth families of Yorkshire Mon, 11 Feb 2013 18:49:16 +0000 Continue reading ]]> If you have read some of this blog you know that my grandparents on my fathers side were Albert Parkinson and Alice French.  I have looked at many of the Parkinson family but who was Alice French?   My father’ middle name was “Charlesworth” and I often wondered where it came from, and was glad mine was only “Charles”.  This name, French, and that of Charlesworth,  go back a long ways in Yorkshire, England, particularly around the area of Huddersfield.  There are hundreds if not thousands of Charlesworth names.   So, here is a sketch of the two families and how they come together.  This post focuses on the Charlesworth family and the next looks at the French family.

Charlesworth Family many of these family members worked in the wool industry in some way and a few were small lot farmers. They lived around Penistone, Wooldale, Holmfirth and Kirk Burton, all close together and very close to Huddersfield.  Please note that the dates may not be correct.  Much of the older material builds on the research of others and available on

Note:  the numbers represent generations.

(1) Johannes Charlesworth  (1610-1690) married Sarah Greene (1641-1700).

  • Maria Mary  Charlesworth (1662-1730) married Benjamin Armitage and in 1702 they moved to the USA, Philadelphia region.
  • (2) Joseph  Charleworth (1685-1756) born in Penistone, in the Yorkshire Dales, married Anna Hawksbury (1679-) in 1699.
    • Maria Charlesworth 1701
    • Jeremiah Charlesworth 1703
    • Helena Charlesworth 1704
    • Joseph Charlesworth 1706
    • John Charlesworth 1709
    • (3) Benjamin Charlesworth 1712  born in Penistone, Yorkshire. Married Ann Sauderson (1721-)
      • Alexander Charlesworth  (1733-1789)
      • Mary Charlesworth 1740
      • Benjamin Charlesworth 1744
      • Hannah Charlesworth 1750
      • (4) John Charlesworth (1762-1820) born in Holmfirth, very close to Penistone,  married Elizabeth Firth (1753-1819)
        • Lydia Charlesworth 1787
        • Joseph Charlesworth 1791-1856
        • (5) George Charlesworth (1796-) bor in Wooldale, very close to Penistone,  married Ann Spink (1796) in 1822
          • Matilda Charlesworth 1823-1865
          • Charlotte Charlesworth 1826-1896 married Aaron Bray (1823-1877)
            • Ruth Bray 1845
            • George Bray 1847
            • Miranda Bray 1849
            • Charles North  Bray 1853
            • Ann Bray 1855
            • John Bray 1858
            • Ben Bray 1860
            • Louisa Bray 1863
            • Alice Bray 1867
          • (6) Sarah Charlesworth (1832-) born in Kirkburton, Yorkshire,  married Joe French (1831-1877).  After Joe’s death Sarah married George Oldroyd.
            • George Henry  French 1856   married Sarah A. xx (1861-)
              • Joe French  1882
              • Elizabeth French 1887
              • Willie French 1889
              • Edith French 1895
              • Charley French 1898
            • Eliza Ann  French 1860
            • Emma French 1862
            • Malinda French 1868
            • (7) Alice French (1871-1922) married Albert Parkinson (1870-1950) and moved to Canada.
              • (8) Roy Parkinson (1914-)
                • (9) Gary Parkinson (1940-)  and this is me!
                  • (10) 2 children
                    • (11) 3 children

                Frances Parkinson (1898-1954)

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    Geographical distribution of family members over time Fri, 14 Dec 2012 21:17:26 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Since I had a great deal of information on the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Hugh Simpson and Mary Kidd who first arrived in Canada around 1833 or 1834, I thought it of interest to examine how they became dispersed across Canada (primarily to the West) over the following 75-80 years.

    The children of Hugh Simpson and Mary Kidd:

    1. Margaret Simpson remained in the Orono area of Ontario.
    2. George Simpson moved a short distance to farm near to Peterborough, Ontario.
    3. Joseph Simpson left Ontario in 1895 to settle in Manitoba and then homesteaded in Saskatchewan.
    4. Hugh Simpson settled in the Owen Sound area where he farmed.  I believe he moved to Michigan, USA for about 15 years before returning to the Grey County area.  (So, he should be given 1/2 points?)
    5. Mary Simpson remained in the Orono area and then retired to Peterborough.
    6. Sarah Jane Simpson moved to the Owen Sound area of Ontario where she remained.

    Two family members left the province of Ontario (33.3%).  So there was not much geographic redistribution for the first generation.   But we can predict that with the second generation there would be more mobility as land became scarce in the areas of their parents and grandparents.

    Grandchildren of Hugh Simpson and Mary Kidd

    Children of Margaret

    Most of Margaret’s children stayed quite local but one moved  to Bruce County North, Ontario.
    Robert George Ard lived in Texas

    Children of George

    Only one child moved to Saskatchewan and the rest remained near their birth place.
    Hugh Simpson moved to Saskatchewan

    Children of Joseph

    John Simpson moved to BC
    William George Simpson in Saskatchewan
    Eva Christina Simpson Bellamy lived in Saskatchewan
    Robert J. Simpson lived in Saskatchewan but died in Alberta
    Hugh Thomas Simpson lived in Saskatchewan

    Children of Hugh

    All Hugh’s children appear to have remained in Grey County, Ontario except for their 15 years in Michigan.  ( Not sure how to count them.)

    Children of  Mary

    Only one child remained in Bruce County, Ontario.
    John H. Cooney moved to Detroit or Tennessee.
    Mary M. Cooney Williamson may have moved to Los Angeles late in life.
    William George Cooney moved in Regina and then to California.
    Joseph Edward Cooney lived in Toronto, Edmonton and then in Victoria, BC.

    Children of Sarah Jane

    Three or four of Jane’s children remained in Grey County but three moved to British Columbia and one of those moved on to Alberta.

    Margaret Monford Hutchison in Enderby, BC.
    Elizabeth Monford Hutchison in BC then moved to Alberta.
    George Monford in Kelowna, BC.
    Mary Jane Monford Thompson moved to Manitoba.

    Here we find that about 15 of 43 children moved out of the province (34.8%).  These are the grand children of Hugh and Mary.

    Great Grandchildren of Hugh Simpson and Mary Kidd

    Grandchildren of Margaret

    Robert George Ard and wife Eliza went to Manitoba and then to Sask  (Saltcoats, SK)
    Ernest S. Ard and wife Mary were in Sask. by 1916,  living in Maple Creek area.

    Grandchildren of Sarah Jane

    Jane Henrietta Thompson in Manitoba.
    Charles Thomason in Manitoba.
    Ida Thompson in Manitoba.
    Henry Wilton Thompson married in Regina, Saskatchewan.
    Margaret Ellen Thompson in Manitoba.
    Keith Howard Thompson in Manitoba.
    Wilbert Simpson Thompson in Manitoba.
    Roy Clevland Hutchison in BC.
    Mildred Wilmenina Hutchison in BC.
    Ruth Marion Hutchison in BC.
    Grace Beatrice Hutchison Davenport in BC.
    William Henry Hutchison in BC.
    Frank Hutchison in BC.
    Lorne S. Hutchison in BC.
    Vina Hutchison in BC.
    Pearl Hutchison in BC.
    George Stanley Hutchison in BC.
    William Hutchison in Washington, USA.
    Clare Ethel Hutchison in Washington, USA.
    Zella Monford in BC.
    George Lorne Monford in BC.
    Elisha Bailey Monford in BC.
    Netta Monford in BC.

    Grandchildren of Joseph

    Mabel L. Simpson lived in BC.
    Helen Marion Simpson Doyle lived in BC.
    Iva Jean Simpson lived in BC.
    Robert Simpson lived in Manitoba.
    George Lester Simpson lived in Alberta.
    Donald Simpson lived in BC.
    Chester Simpson lived in BC.
    Ella May Simpson lived in Saskatchewan.
    Evelyn Simpson lived in Saskatchewan.
    Arthur Simpson lived in Saskatchewan.
    Lyall Simpson lived in Saskatchewan.
    Ada Simpson lived in Saskatchewan
    Harold Simpson lived in Saskatchewan.
    Annie Simpson lived in Saskatchewan.
    Jackie Bellamy lived in Saskatchewan.

    Grandchildren of Hugh

    All apparently remained in Ontario

    Grandchildren of George

    Durward Simpson lived in Broadview, Saskatchewan.

    Grandchildren of Mary Simpson Cooney

    Lloyd Cooney in Los Angeles.
    William “Billy” Cooney lived in Los Angeles.
    Betty Margaret Cooney lived in Los Angeles.
    Edward Lloyd Cooney lived in BC.
    Laura Josephine Cooney lived in BC (and then moved to Ontario).
    Mary Eileen Cooney Lived in BC and then may have gone to Michigan.

    50 grandchildren, out of 93 I was able to trace, located in the west or the USA (53.7%).  This figure is exaggerated by the fact that the children already in the west had large families.  So in the third generation over half of the great grandchildren of Hugh and Mary were located in the West or in the USA.

    First generation       25.0%  (children of Hugh and Mary)
    Second generation  34.8%  (grandchildren of Hugh and Mary)
    Third generation      53.7%  (great grandchildren of Hugh and Mary)

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    Marriage patterns of the Irish (in or out) Thu, 13 Dec 2012 18:26:37 +0000 Continue reading ]]> This is the study of the marriages of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Hugh Simpson and Mary Kidd who arrived in Canada in about 1833 from County Down, Ireland.  In 1867 the Irish consisted of 24% of the Canadian population.   Now (2011) the Irish make up about 14.5% of the population.  So in 1867 if marriages were completely random we would expect a person to marry another of Irish origin  24% of the time.  Almost a one in four chance of marrying an Irish person.   In 2006 we could expect  a person to marry another of Irish decent 15 % of the time.   In 1901 18.4%.  In 1901 and 1911 Canadians were asked what their country or place of birth was, what their racial or tribal origin was and what their nationality was. They were not given the opportunity to select multiple options (e.g., German-Irish-French).  Given the era people selected the origin of their father.

    Of some interest is the fact that the Irish in Canada had quite a different geographical distribution than in the USA.  In the USA the Irish tended to remain quite urban, perhaps being trapped in the urban areas of first location due to poverty.  In Canada the early Irish immigrants, although coming from the same locations, were very rural, they tended to be farmers.   This is so for the Simpson family.  It is not until the third generation that we see a few family members locating in urban areas and taking on non-farming occupations.  For this reason there may be less chance of geographical clustering of ethnic groups.

    1st generation  – marriages from about 1850-1870

    Margaret Simpson married Robert Ard, born in Ireland

    George Simpson married Jane Manes from Ireland

    Joseph Simpson married Mary Stewart, father from Fermanagh County, Ireland

    Hugh Simpson married Margaret Cooney from Ireland

    Mary Simpson married William Cooney of Ireland

    Sarah Jane Simpson married Charles Monford born in Ireland

    So all of the first generation children married Irish partners.  100%.

    2nd generation – marriages from about 1870 to 1900
    kids of Margaret
    Hugh Ard  married Margaret Ann Cooper family from England or Scotland.
    Alexander Ard married Mary Manhassel (Macheseny) family from Ireland lived in Bruce county north

    Robert George Ard married Georgina x
    Sarah Janae Ard  married Thomas Coatham of English origin.
    Margaret Ard married Robert Morton or Irish origin.
    John Ard  married Jane Martin of English origin.
    Esther Ard  married Richard Thomas of English origins.
    Isabelle Dunne Ard married William Richard Jones of England.

    kids of George
    Hugh Simpson married Helen Thornton of English origin.
    Jane Simpson married Thomas James Robinson (1863) of English origins.
    Mary Ann Simpson married William Pritchard of Irish origin.

    kids of Joseph
    William George Simpson  married Annie E. Smith of English origin.
    Eva C. Simpson married William Bellamy of English origin.
    John A. Simpson married Ada Theodora Adams of English origins
    Robert Simpson married Sarah Elizabeth McDonad family from Orkney Islands
    Hugh Thomas Simpson married Annie Thompson origins in County Antrim, Ireland.

    kids of Hugh
    George Wilbert Simpson married Ethel “Effy” May White of English origin.
    Edith Simpson married Harvey Roseborough probably of Irish origins.

    kids of Mary
    John H. Cooney married ??
    Cordelia Elizabeth Cooney married John Williamson (father was Robert) probably Irish
    Mary M. Cooney married George E. Williamson (father was Jason)  of Irish origins.
    William George Cooney married Margaret Pirie (probably Scottish).
    Joseph Edward Cooney married Laura Willmot Roberts of English origins.

    kids of Sarah Jane

    Charles Monford married Elizabeth L. Gordon of Irish origins then Mary Ann Cook
    Mary Jane Monford married Robert Henry Thompson or Irish origins.
    Agnes Monford married Charles Cook of English origins.
    Margaret Monford married William Henry Hutchison of Scottish origins.
    Elizabeth Monford married George Hutchison of Scottish origins.
    George Monford married Mary L. Bailey of Irish origins.
    Joseph Monford married Isabella McDonald of Scottish origin.
    Sarah Monford married Don Gilchrist probably Scottish.
    Hannah Monford married Hugh Black of Scottish origins.

    32 marriages of 36 individuals I can account for.  I have excluded those that died young or those I know did not marry.   So about 10 of the 32 married some one of Irish origin.  32% of the time.  Still higher than we might expect by chance.

    3rd generation

    Robert Hugh Ard  (1888-1964).  Married Jane E. Burgess (1889-1983) of Scottish origin.
    Margaret Emma Ard b. 1890 married Charles F. Rutherford of Scottish origin
    Robert  Ard  (1880-1945).  Served in WW1.  Married Eliza x
    Margaret Ard   b. 1885 married Robert McMenemy (1888) father Thomas of Irish origin
    Mary  Agnes Ard  b. 1888  married Joseph curry (father James) of Irish origin.
    Edward Ard  b. 1890 married Josephine Sutton of English origin.
    Sarah Ann Ard 1882)  Married Squire Ralph Longley.  ??
    Irene Ard (1893-1956). Sam Wright Barcus probably of distant English origin.
    Thomas Coatham (1901-1969) married Kathryn Elizabeth Kay (father James and Christina)
    Robert Ernest Otto Coatham (1895-1980) married Hilda Hazel Burgess of Scottish origin.
    Mary Esther Coatham (1898-1992). Married Cecil Nevi Stapleton (1894-1991) English

    William Morton (1880-) married Ada Ann Beatty or Irish origin
    Frederick A. Morton  (1889-). Went to USA in 1911
    Ernest S. Ard (1884-). married Mary E. Langford of English origin.
    Elsie Ard (1893-). mzrried Arthur W. Crawforth(1889-1960) of English origin.
    Harold Ray Simpson married an English woman during WW1
    Durward Simpson married Ella Wilson born in Ireland.

    Mable Pritchard (1891-) married Royal A. Hutchinson (1884-) in 1918 of English origins.
    Suttle Joseph Pritchard (1895-1983) married Mary Florence Jane Miller in 1921 of Irish origin.

    Ella May Simpson married Alexander Dunn, German.

    Eva Mary Simpson (1913-1995) married Frederick Stevens, Irish
    Helen Marion Simpson (1913-) married Frances William Doyle, probably Irish.
    Iva Jean Simpson (1914-1993) married Fred Fiander in 1945, believe she died in Lady Smith, BC.
    Aileen Edith Simpson (1915-2007) married Wesley Harold Adams,  English.

    Evelyn Simpson married Ray Ferguson, English

    John Joseph Simpson married Margaret Johnston, Irish

    Lyall Simpson married Jean Heather, Irish

    Harold Simpson married Jessie Hagyart
    Ada Simpson married Louis Braaten, Norway

    Mabel Louise Simpson married x James, Irish

    Harold Simpson (1907-1992) married Margaret Pepper (1911-1989). English
    Perl Roseborough (1911-) married Percy Cruickshank,  Scottish
    Laura Josephine Cooney (1922-1992) married Alvin Benjamin Evans (1917-1997), ??.

    Charles M. Thompson (1893-1979) married Laura M. Hammond (1894-1978) Irish
    Henry Wilton Thompson (1897-1953) married Nell Lorraine Huffman from USA.
    Wilbert Simpson Thompson (1905-) married Velma Vennona Ostrum.

    Arthur Simpson married Nellie McDonald, Scottish

    George Hutchison Cook (1901-1975) married to Dorothy Edith Yeoman   (1904-1999), English.
    Olive Jane Cook (1903-1985) married John E. Elder, Irish.
    Ira Edward Cook (1905-1936) married Jean Sherman,  English.
    Hugh Simpson Cook (1907-1977)  married Janet Martin (1909-1997), French.
    Harold Cook (1911-) married Delmer Fenwick (1911-1938), Irish.
    John Gordon Cook (1909-)  married Ila Marie Margaret Ann Keyes,    Irish
    Grace Beatrice Hutchison (1899-)  married Robert Charles Staterlow Davenport, English. William Henry Hutchison (1904-) married Hazel Loretta Rachel Dale (1906-), Scottish.

    George Stanley Hutchison (1900-1984) married Susanne Jurik
    William Hutchison (1903-) married Olga x in 1940,- born in USA. in 1916.    probably non-Irish, non-British
    Clara Ethel Hutchison (1904-1992) married x Tennant,  Scottish.
    Edgar John Hutchison (1908-2004) married Hope x (1905-2001) ??

    Elisha Bailey Monford (1897-1980) married Constance (or Helen) Appleby, English
    George (or Gordon) Monford (1926-2012) married Joyce x.  ??
    Lorne Monford (1929-2005) married Eve X in 1952.
    Hugh John Elmer Black (1909-1980) married Hannah Jane Chatwell (1911-2003) English

    Marriage summary

    Since I now know a great deal about the Simpson family that emigrated to Canada in 1833 I thought it of interest to check marriage patterns to see if the Irish tended to marry in (endogamy) or to marry out (exogamy).

    It is necessary to know the number of Irish in Canada over the years before attempting to look at whether people were endogamous (marrying in) or exogamous (marrying out).  In 1867 approximately 25% of the Canadian population were of Irish ancestry.  In 1901 approximately 18% of the Canadian population were of Irish ancestry.  In 2006, approximately 15% of the Canadian population were of Irish origins.

    First generation: All six Simpson children married Irish partners.  Significantly higher than one might expect.   To make sense of this you need to know something of the geographic distribution of the Irish.  If they tended to settle together and have limited means of transportation there would be a great chance of finding a partner of the same ethnic origin.   As ethic communities began to separate and as transportation improved we would expect the rate of endogamy to go down.

    Second generation: 10 of the 31 marriages I was able to trace married Irish partners, 32%.    In 10 couples both partners were Irish.   This is  about 33% of all couples so suggests a degree of in-marriages.   Irish individuals had a better than random chance of marrying someone else of Irish background.

    Third generation: It was harder to trace the great grandchildren of the original family but I did identify 45 marriages.  It is difficult to be confident of the origins of the mate since there were probably multiple origins.   However, only 14 of the 45 marriages were to Irish partners, 31%, or better than choosing an Irish partner at random      However, if I look only at those who claimed Irish ancestry, 10 of the 30 (33%) people married someone of Irish ancestry, significantly better than choosing an  Irish partner by chance and the same rate as for the second generation.   So we can conclude that by the third generation the specific ethnic origin (Irish) of a person still had some influence on their selection of a marriage partner.

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    Hugh Thomas Simpson (1874-1955) and Annie Thompson Wed, 07 Nov 2012 22:44:13 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Hugh Thomas (Tom) Simpson  (1874-1955) was a son of Joseph Simpson (1838-1907 ) who had moved to Manitoba in about 1895 and then to Saskatchewan in about 1902   Married Annie Thompson (1875-) in 1901 in Camille, MB.   The Thompson family lived in South Norfolk, Manitoba as did the Simpsons.  Annie’s parents were born in Ireland. In 1911 living in Saskatchewan, close to family.   Lived in Birch Hills, SK. and died in Prince Albert, SK.

    • Ellamay (or Ella May) Simpson (1902-1986) in Manitoba, married Alexander Dunn.  See the posts on the Manitoba Simpsons for photos.
    • Evelyn  Simpson (1904-1992) in Manitoba married Ray Ferguson in 1931. Lived in Saskatoon.
    • Arthur Simpson  (1906-1971) in Manitoba.  Married Nellie McDonald.  Lived in North Battleford.
    • Lyall Simpson (1909-1971)  in Manitoba.  Married Jean Heather and lived most of their lives in Prince Albert.
      • Shirley Simpson
        • Tracy
    • Ada Simpson (1911-) married Louis Braaten.  They had 3 kids one named Annie who lived in Westbank, BC.
    • Harold Simpson (1913-1986). Married Jessie Hagyart.
      • Steve Simpson (1947-1968) – killed in a car accident.
      • Hana Simpson (lived in Vancouver).
    • Annie Simpson (1916-1974). May not have married.

    I am not sure this is Hugh Thomas Simpson but through the process of elimination feel that it is.  Photo was taken in Morden, Manitoba which is not all that close to  Camille, so I don’t know why they would have been there.  The man certainly looks like a Simpson.   Compare this photo to the next one taken on Birch Hills around 1907.  They may be the same. We also have a photo of a young girl with the name “Myrtle” on the back, probably added after the fact.  After extensive researching I can find no person that might match this name.  The photo was taken in Brandon, Manitoba by a photographer who was there from 1896 to 1912.  If H.T. Simpson and Annie had stayed in touch with Hugh Simpson who had moved to Broadview Saskatchewan in 1901, they may well have sent photos.  Is the photo below of Ella May?

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    WW1 AND FAMILIES Sat, 16 Jun 2012 17:29:07 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Family in WW 1

    My interest in the First World War began while doing this family history.  Quite a simple search generated a list of 14 men who enlisted and 4 (so 28%) of these died from their service or were killed in action.  Then quite by accident I began to read Wade Davis’ book, Into the Silence (2011), which is really a biography of George Mallory who was among the first European group to climb Mount Everest and to die there in 1924.  Davis sets the book against the backdrop of the War, arguing the horrors of the war itself and the experience of dozens of family and friends being killed left nations stunned by the stupidity of the war and the inhuman fighting conditions.   A world gone mad and nothing made sense anymore.  This despair drew people to return to an appreciation of nature and the outdoors and for many a wish to escape the nations affected by war.  Thus for Mallory and others Mount Everest presented the perfect escape opportunity.

    Here is a list of “family” members, mostly from the Simpson family.

    1.  Harold Ray Simpson (1889-1921).   Died from war injuries. Grandson of George Simpson (1834-1921).
    2.  Joseph S. Pritchard (1895-1953).   Joined in 1918.   Grandson of George Simpson (1834-1921)
    3.  George Lorne Monford (1896-1917)  Grandson of Jane Simpson (1836-1917).  Killed in action.
    4.  Roy C. Pritchard (1892-1969).  Grandson of Jane Simpson (1836-1917).   File incomplete.
    5. Lorne Stepney Hutchison (1894- ).   Joined in 1918.  Grandson of Jane Simpson (1836-1917).
    6. Arthur Fraser Patterson (  -1923).   Died due to gas poisoning.  Husband of Frances Parkinson (
    7.  Robert George Ard (1880-1945).  Joined in 1916.   Grandson of Margaret Simpson (1833-1911)
    8.  Frederick H.Morton (1889-1920).  May have died as a result of war injuries.  Grandson of Margaret Simpson (1833-1911).
    9.  William Albert Thornton ( )  Grandson of William Thornton.
    10. Frank Edward Dowson (1896-)  Signed up in 1918 so probably saw no action.  Grandson of Sarah Thornton
    11. Ralph Roscoe Dowson (1897-)  Also signed up in June 1918, so saw no action.  Grandson of Sarah Thornton.

    12. Howard Delbert Thomas (1892-)  Grandson of Margaret Simpson (1833-1911).

    13. Henry Wilton Thompson (1897-1979).   Grandson of Jane Simpson (1836-1917).  He also joined in 1918 so probably saw no action.

    14.  Robert Ernest Otto Coatham (1895-1980).  Grandson of Margaret Simpson (1833-1911)

    I have been unable to check any Kirby or Parkinson family members from the UK.

    Now let’s look briefly at some statistics on the war.  There were a total of 35 million casualties and of this number 25 million were killed and of this 10 million were soldiers.   If we look at the nations most directly affected we see that the United Kingdom suffered 886,939 death and 1,663,435 injured.  Approximately 2 of every 8 (25%) soldiers never returned.  The deaths amount to 2.19 % of the total population.  In France the situation was even worse with 1,397,800 death (4.29% of the population) and 4,266,000 injuries.   In Germany there were 2,250,897 deaths (3.2% of the population) and 4,247,143 injuries.   In Canada there were 65,000 dead (0.92% of the population) and 150,000 wounded.  I find these numbers staggering.

    Never has there been a war as brutal, so filled with inhumanity and so hopeless.   The Allied troops (the good guys) didn’t really defeat the enemy, they just ran out of food and were unable to carry on any longer.   The troops themselves believed the fighting could go on forever.  In the most recent war – in Afghanistan – Canada suffered approximately 150 death.  How do you cope with almost 1 million dead?  Or even 65,000?

    The British army was extremely unprepared for war with generals who harkened back to a previous era for models of warfare.  They eschewed the machine gun until late in the war, had 1000s of men ready to present a horse front to the Germans, and believed that you walked into battle with 75 pound packs.  Troops on both sides fought from trenches in the wet and cold mud and when ordered the British side went over the edge of the trench and walked towards the enemy.  Of course they were killed by the 1000s before they had gone very many steps.  Davis refers to diaries kept by a German soldier who said after hours of machine gun fire at the British – why are they walking?  If they ran they could have overrun us.  There was also the use of poison gas which burned the lung of its victims or left them impaired and ready to die.  There were also flame throwers which engulfed the troops and left them impossible to find or to identify. Also, a never ending array of bombs, grenades, mortars, and firearms of all sorts.

    A few lines from Davis:  “Defending the Ypres Salient, never larger than four miles deep and twelve wide, would over the course of the war cost the British 90,000 men killed and 410,000 wounded.  Another 89,880 simply vanished, swallowed by the mud or vaporized by shell fire.”

    Refering to a diary kept by Geoffrey Young, a journalist turned medic:  “This horror was too monstrous to believe at first …the sight of men choking to death with yellow froth, lying on the floor and out in the field, made me rage with an anger which no later cruelty of man, not even the degradation of our kind by the hideous concentration camps in later Germany, ever quite rekindled; for then we still thought all men were human.”

    And finally a reference to the assault on the Somme in 1916, a battle that was a year in the planning:  “ … until the passage became so choked with the their own dead that the following troops had to clamber over mounds of the corpses simply to reach no-man’s-land. … Men writhing with wounds, whimpering and crying like children.  Headless torsos, faces on fire, blood shooting out of helmets in three-foot streams, bodies cleft like the quartered carcasses in a butcher shop, splinters of steel in brain, shattered backbones and spinal cords worming and flapping about in the mud”.

    It is difficult to read this even after the passage of 100 years.  How did they cope?  The same way we now do– half-truths and myth.  Although communication was very primitive there was also intentional withholding or distortion of facts.  Although London was only 160 miles from the worst of the battles and armaments could be heard in the distance, the general public did not understand what was going on.  Perhaps if they had known change would have resulted.  Even after the worst of the battle loses the public was repeatedly told that all was going well and that progress was being made.  Very little progress was made for the duration of the war.    If they had been told the truth generals would have had to go and perhaps the government would have changed its strategy.  In Canada a positive spin is put on the war when we claim that the battle for Vimy Ridge represented the birth of the Canadian nation.   65,000 dead and countless injured and we talk about nation building.

    We can see the shifting attitudes towards war, and the creation of memories, in the Vimy memorial opening in France in 1936 – although approved by the Canadian parliament in the 1920’s.  After the war even many of the troops saw no particular importance to Vimy.  It was the site of the first Canadian controlled battle and resulted in a victory against the Germans, but the battle did not make any lasting effect on the war.  Vimy was selected as the site for the memorial not because of its military importance but because of its geographical value.   A little piece by John Pierce on the Vimy memorial is instructive:
    Vimy, which began as a monument to the valour, the heroism and the victories of     the Canadian Corp, also had to serve as memorial site to the 19,000 soldiers of     the Canadian Corps who, missing in action, knew no marked graves.  Allward [the     architect]    agreed to inscribe the names of these men on the base of the     monument,     transforming Vimy into hallowed ground, an empty tomb, a place     of pilgrimage.      Allward had also been influenced by the general revulsion from     war that     characterized the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.  … By the mid-thirties     the Vimy     memorial would have to serve as a protest against war as well as a     monument to     heroism, sacrifice and victory.” Constructing Memory:  The Vimy     Memorial, (1992)     Available online.

    The official unveiling of the monument occurred in 1936 attended by Kings and politicians galore;  all in attendance knew that a new war was on the immediate horizon as the peace plan that resulted from the earlier war had been ineffectual.

    So one must now ask:  How is the War  imagined today?  What does the monument means for Canadians today?  A memory of a war well fought?  A war in which particular individuals died?  A war that should not have happened?  Or, more broadly, should we ever trust politicians to take us into a war?

    Any additional information on families in this war is welcome.

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    Mary Simpson (1844-1916) and William Cooney Mon, 21 May 2012 21:56:34 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Mary Simpson (1844-1916) was the last child of Hugh Simpson (1804-1897) and Mary Kidd (1801-1882).  She lived in Clark township much of her life before moving to Peterborough (perhaps in 1888) where she and her husband William Cooney (1846-1923) are buried.  (However, I think that William moved to Los Angeles, probably to be with family, and died there shortly after arrival.)  Not confident that I have all of their children yet, but here is what I have.

    • John H. Cooney (1869-1899).   Married to xxx.   May have moved to Detroit in 1892 to work on the railway.  In 1899 he drowned in Tennessee at age of 30.
    • Mary M. Cooney (1870-).  Also called Maryetta, or Ettie.  Married George Edward Williamson in 1895.  They may have moved to Los Angeles in 1923 where they died. (He may have moved after her death.)
      • Lloyd Cooney Williamson moved to Los Angeles in 1921.  Had a daughter names Jacqueline (1924-).
    • Esther Ella Cooney (1875-1906).  Died in Peterborough at age 34.  Unmarried.
    • William George Cooney (1874-1963).   Moved to Regina where he married Margaret  Pirie (1884-) in 1919 and they had their first two children.  By 1923 I believe he was visiting his brother Joseph Edward Cooney in Victoria and emigrated to California in March 1923.   (Brother was to die in accident one month later.) Died in California in 1963.   His father, William, went to California where he died in December, 1923.
      • William “Billy”  Lee Cooney (December 1920-1975).  Born in Regina.  Buried in LA National Cemetery.
      • Lloyd J. Cooney (July 1922-).  May be Jimmy Lloyd Cooney.  Born in Regina.
      • Betty Margaret Cooney (May 1924-).  Born in Long Beach, California.
    • Joseph Edward  Cooney (1880-1923).  Married Laura Willmot Roberts (1879-).  In 1892 was in Toronto where he worked as a street car conductor.  In 1905 moved to Edmonton where he worked as a barber.  In about 1919 they moved to Victoria where he worked as a brakeman on the railway and was killed in a work accident in 1923.  His body was transported back to Port Perry (just north of Orono) for burial.
      • Edward Lloyd Cooney (1918-2011).
      • Laura Josephine Cooney (1922-1992).  Married Alvin Benjamin Evans (1917-1997).
      • Mary Eilleen (1906-).  Born in Edmonton.  After her fathers death she went to Michigan to be with an Aunt.

    • Naturalization document for William George Cooney.

    Below: Billy Lee Cooney, 1938.

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    Hugh Simpson (1844-1919) and Margaret Cooney Fri, 20 Apr 2012 01:17:16 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Hugh Simpson   (1844-1919)  was a son of Hugh Simpson (1804-1897) and Mary Kidd (1801-1882).  Married Margaret Cooney (1851-1930) on October 4, 1869.   I believe that Margaret’s brother, William, married Hugh’s sister, Mary Simpson.   Until 1891 the family was farming in Grey East, Ontario (close to his sister Jane Simpson Monford). Emigrated to Michigan in 1895, living in Mason, Arenac township.  Indeed a newspaper headline from 1909 reports that Hugh Simpson has returned to Orono after 30 years in Michigan.  They  returned to Canada, dying in Arran, Bruce County in 1919 and 1930, not very far from where he farmed in Grey county.   Note:  In 1910 Hugh Simpson enters Canada through Fort Frances on his way to Birch Hills, Saskatchewan where his brother Joseph died in 1907.  In 1911 Margaret (without Hugh) is living with her daughter Edith.   The following names appear in Hillcrest cemetery, Tara, Bruce County:  Hugh Simpson, Ernest Simpson, Effie Simpson, Wilbert Simpson.   His sister Jane Simpson Monford is also buried there.

    • Wilbert Simpson  (1873-1952).   Married Effie White (1878-1961) in 1900.
      • Harold Simpson (1907-1992).   Married Margaret Pepper (1911-1989).
      • Elwood Simpson (1901-1983).
      • Effie Simpson (1906-)
      • Mable Simpson (1908-)
    • Ernest Simpson  (1880-1920 or 26)
    • Ida Isabel Mary Simpson (1884-1903)
    • Margaret Jane Simpson (1886-)
    • Edith (1887-). Married Harvey Roseborough (1881-).  In 1911 Margaret, Hugh’s wife, is living with them in Sarawak, Grey county, but no Hugh.
      • Dorothy Pearl Roseborough (1911-2005)married Percy Cruickshank in 1937.
        • William Roseborough
    • Percy (1890-), born in Michigan.   Hugh’s nephew, Hugh, lost a son named Percy in 1900 and I wonder if this accounts for the name.

    You may have seem this photo in other posts.  All I know for sure is that it was taken in Detroit and since Hugh and Margaret lived in Michigan this may be them.  Does anyone recognize them?

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    Jane Simpson (1836-1917) and Charles Monford Thu, 19 Apr 2012 19:09:52 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Sarah Jane Simpson (July 27, 1836-May 26, 1917) was a daughter of Hugh Simpson (1804-1897) and Mary Kidd (1801-1882).  Note: see post on Hugh Simpson – the Elder.  Married Charles Monford (1816-1894) of Ireland in April 1852.  In 1861 through 1891 they are in Grey county, Ontario. In 1901 Jane is living with William and Sarah.

    • William Monford (1853-1929). Died in Grey, Ontario.
    • John Monford (1855-1947).   In 1911 Jane, his mother, is living with him in Derby, Grey County.
      • Ellen Monford (1889-1900)
    • Charles Monford (1857-1940).  In 1881 living with or next to Jonas Thornton in Clarke township, Ont.   Married to an Elizabeth L. Gordon (1858-).  After the death of Elizabeth he married Mary Ann Cook in 1928.  Moved to Arcola, SK just before his death to be with a daughter of his second wife.  Bodies returned to Grey County for burial.
    • Hugh Monford (1859-)
    • Mary Jane Monford (1863-1953).  Married Robert Henry Thompson (1851-1915), a widower, in 1890 in Grey County. They lived in, or around, Solsgirth, Manitoba after 1901. Her husband had 4 children by  a previous wife (Catherine Jane King) and at least two of these moved with them to Manitoba.   They lived in Solsgrith and in Birtle, Manitoba (about 2 hours north west of Brandon.   Easy to believe there would have been some contact with the Simpsons of Broadview,
      • Jane Henrietta Thompson (1891-) lived in Manitoba
      • Charles M. Thompson (1893-1979) married Laura M. Hammond
      • Ida Thompson (1896-)
      • Henry Wilton Thompson (1897-1953) married in Regina to Nell Lorraine Huffman who was born in USA.
      • Margaret Ellen Thompson (1901-)
      • Keith Howard Thompson (1902-)
      • Wilbert Simpson Thompson (1905-) married Velma Vennona Ostrum in 1926.
    • Agnes Monford (1865-1949).  Married Charles Cook (1863-1967).
      • William C. Cook (1900-2004)
      • George Hutchison Cook (1901-1975) married Dorothy Edith Yeoman
      • Olive Jane Cook (1903-2004) married John E. Elder
      • Ira Edward Cook (1905-1936) married Jean Sherman
      • Hugh Simpson Cook (1907-1977) married Janet Martin
      • Joseph Gordon Cook (1909-2001).
      • Harold Cook (1911-) married Delmer Fenwick.
    • Margaret Monford (1867-1948).  Married William Henry Hutchison (1865-1932) in Owen Sound in 1892.  Died in Enderby, BC, and buried with her husband William Henry Hutchison.
      • Roy Clevland Hutchison (1892-1969)
      • Mildred Wilmenina Hutchison (1895-).
      • Ruth Marion Hutchison (1897-)
      • Grace Beatrice Hutchison (1899-)  Married Robert Charles Staterlow Davenport in Vancouver in 1923.
      • William Henry Hutchison (1904-). Born in Enderby. Married Hazel Loretta Rachel Dale (1906-) in Armstrong, BC in 1929.
      • Harold Monford Hutchison (1909-)
      • Frank Hutchison (1910-)
    • Elizabeth Monford (1870-1942).   Married George Hutchison (1863-1950) in 1893,   in British Columbia.  They moved to Alberta around 1905.  both buried in Burnsland cemetery, Calgary.
      • Lorne S. Hutchison (1894-)
      • Vina Hutchison (1896-)
      • Pearl Hutchison (1898-)
      • George Stanley Hutchison (1900-1984), died in Chilliwack, BC, married to Susanne Jurik
      • William Hutchison (1903-).  In Washington, USA by 1926 and married Olga X.
      • Clara Ethel Hutchison (1904-1992). Died  in Washington, USA, married x Tennant.
      • Edgar John Hutchison (1908-2004) married Hope x (1905-2001)
    • George Monford (1874-1930).   Married Mary L. Bailey (1877-1975) in 1894 in BC.  Both died in Kelowna, BC.
      • Zella J. Monford (1895-1986), buried in Kelowna.
      • George Lorne Monford (1896-1917).  Killed in action in WW1, buried at Vimy Ridge memorial.
      • Elisha Bailey Monford (1897-1980).  Married Constance (or Helen) Appleby.
        • George Monford (Mar. 2, 1926-April 26, 2012).  Married Joyce X.  Buried in Kelowna.
          • Christine Monford
          • Jan (Ross)
          • Ian Monford
        • Lorne Monford (1929-2005).  Married Eve X in 1952.
          • Paul Monford
        • Ken Monford
        • Loise Monford Seaton
      • Netta Monford (1903-1927).
    • Joseph Monford (1879-1910) Married Isabella McDonald (1895-).  Died in Thunderbay area.
      • Joseph M. Monford (1909-)
      • Charles S. Monford (1910-)
    • Sarah Monford (1881-1968).  Married Don Gilchrist (1870-1950) in 1904.
    • Hannah Monford (1874-1966). Married Hugh Black ((1868-1949).
      • Flora Simpson Black (1905-)
      • Hugh John Elmer Black (1909-1980) married Hannah Jane Chatwell.
      • Earl J. Black (1912-1970)
      • William Black (1902-1980)

    NOTE:  The following people are buried in the Hillcrest, Tara, Bruce County cemetery – this cemetery is just over the boundary from Grey County.  Jane Simpson Monford, Ellen Monford, John Monford, William Monford and Charles Monford.   Also, Hugh Simpson (brother of Jane) and his wife Margaret Cooney.   Further, you can find the following graves in Kelowna, BC:  Monford, George Lorne, (1896, d. 1917), killed in action;
    Monford, George,  (1872- 1930); Monford, Lorne H,  (1929- 2005); Monford, Mary L, (1877-1975); Monford, Netta,  ( 1903-1927); Monford, Zella J, (1895-1986).

    Photo:  Agnes Monford and Charles Cook.

    Charles Monford (1816-1894).  The other side which names Jane Simpson Monford is unfortunately unreadable.

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    Joseph Simpson (1838-1907) and Mary Stewart Thu, 19 Apr 2012 18:02:15 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Joseph Simpson  (1838-1907) was the son of Hugh Simpson (1804-1897) and Mary Kidd (1801-1882).  Note: see post on Hugh Simpson -the Elder.  Married  Mary Minnie Stewart  (1848-1917)  – the daughter of Thomas Stewart and Margaret Jane Noble  Stewart, who lived one farm below the Simpsons in Clarke township.  In 1881 Joseph and Mary living with Joseph’s parents and Margaret and Robert Morton, presumably on the Simpson farm.  In 1895 homesteaded near Holland,  Manitoba, and then in about 1902 homesteaded in the Birch Hills area of Saskatchewan where he died in 1907.   They arrived in Birch Hills 3 years prior to the arrival of the first train service.  In 1911 Mary is living with sons William G. and Robert.  In 1916 she is living with her daughter Eva’s family in Saskatchewan.

    • Hugh I. Simpson  b. 1873  (died early)
    • William George Simpson  (1876-1931) died in Birch Hills, SK.   Married Annie Smith (1873-1973) in 1912.   Had at least 2 children: Eva (1913-1995) and Mabel (1915-1979) .  Both children died in Kelowna, BC. He served as Reeve in the NWT. (Note: however I cannot find either in the death registry for BC.  But may be under their married names.)
      • Eva C. Simpson (1913-1995). Believe she died in Kelowna.  Married Frederick Stevens (1910-1994) in 1943.
        • Larry Stevens (1945-1988).
        • Murray Stevens (1952-)  Perhaps living in Toronto.
          • Christopher Stevens (perhaps living in Edmonton)
      • Mabel L. Simpson (1915-1979).   Perhaps married  x James.  Believe she too died in Kelowna, of a car accident.
    • Eva Christina Simpson  (1878-1959). Died in Birch Hills, SK.   Married William Bellamy (1872-1957) in 1900. They were married in Ontario.
      • John Joseph Bellamy (1912-1966).  Married Margaret Johnston who died too early.
        • John Richard Bellamy (1945-).  Married Janet Elaine Green
          • Christina Margaret Bellamy (1980-)
    • John A. Simpson  (1881-1967)  In 1901 living with brother Thomas in Manitoba. Married to Ada Theodora Adams  [known as Dora] (1886-1955).  Ada was the daughter of Charles Adams who had been born in the Red River Settlement of Manitoba in 1833.  They moved to BC in 1937 and to Vancouver in 1952, living in Kitsilano.  Buried in Oceanview Cemetery, Burnaby. On doctors orders he auctioned the farm and moved to Salmon Arm, BC in 1937 and then to Vancouver.
      • Helen Marion Simpson (1913-).   In 1939 married Frances William Doyle (1916-1985) in Salmon Arm, BC.  In 1930 she traveled to Montana.
        • Dennis
        • Patrick
        • Gerald
      • Iva Jean Simpson (1914-1993).  Married Fred Fiander (-1972) in 1945.  Believe she died in Lady Smith, BC.
        • Barbara Jean Fiander (1947-)
        • Judith Isabel (1955-)
    • Robert J. Simpson  (1889-1946).  Married Sarah Elizabeth MacDonald (1888-1972) in 1912.  Lived in Birch Hills, SK., died in Lacombe, Alberta. The genealogy of Sarah MacDonald provides a crash course in Canadian history.  Her mother was Jane Thompson and her grandmother was Emma Turner who was the daughter of Joseph Turner.  Joseph Turner was the son of Philip Turner (1752-1800) and Elizabeth White Bear Wapusk, an Indian or Eskimo woman.  Philip Turner (Turnor) arrived in Canada in 1778 having contracted with the Hudson Bay Company to provide survey services.  He trained David Thompson the great explorer and map maker.  It was common for British and Scottish men to come to Canada and marry native women while still having a wife at home or to marry again when they returned to Britain.
      • Aileen Edith Simpson (1915-2007).  Married Wesley Harold Adams (1911-1970).  In1975 Aileen married Clarence Rix.
        • Harvey Arnold Adams (1940) married Julie Ann Beck
        • Charles Lester Adams (1941) married Judy Dalby
        • Ronald Harvey Adams (1945) married Eileen Schmidt
        • Linda Marlene Adams (1948) married Dale Hastings
        • Judith Ann Dale (1949) married Bob Cranston
        • Elizabeth Louise (Betty Lou) Adams (1951) married Gerry Tober
      • Robert Simpson (1917-1990).  Died in Swan River, MN
      • George Lester Simpson (1918-1987). Died in Red Deer, AB.
      • Donald Simpson (1918-1986). Died in Vancouver. (Note: I cannot find either Donald or Chester in BC death registry.)
      • Chester Simpson (1928-2006). Died in Trail, BC.
      • Joseph (1916-)
      • Jack (1922-)
      • Ruth (1923-)
    • Hugh Thomas Simpson  (1874-1955).   Married Annie Thomson in 1901. b. 1875.   In 1911 living in Manitoba close to family.   Lived in Birch Hills, SK. and died in Prince Albert, SK.
      • Ellamay (or Ella May) Simpson (1902-1986) in Manitoba. Married Alexander Dunn ( ). Both buried in Birch Hills. See the posts on the Manitoba Simpsons for photos.
      • Evelyn  Simpson (1904-1992) in Manitoba.  Married Ray Ferguson
      • Arthur Simpson b. 1906 in Manitoba. Married Nellie McDonald
      • Lyall Simpson b. 1909 in Manitoba.  Married Jean x.
        • Shirley Simpson (was living in Calgary).
      • Ada Simpson (1911-) married Louis Braaten (had 3 kids)
      • Harold (1913-) married Sandra Lee Jobe
      • Annie (1916-1974)

      (Note:  some of my photos may be of members of this family.   The marriage photo may be of Hugh Thomas Simpson in 1901 or of Eva C. Simpson in 1900.   The young child from Brandon may well be Ella May Simpson, Evelyn Simpson or even Jackie Bellamy (although she was born in 1912).   Davidson Brothers, the photographer of the young child was in business in Brandon from 1896-1912.)

    Cemetery records for Kinistino:  Joseph Simpson, Mary Stewart Simpson.   Cemetery records for Birch Hills: Annie Simpson, Evelyn Simpson Ferguson, Annie Elizabeth Simpson, William George Simpson, Mabel Louise Simpson James, Ella May Simpson Dunn.  Cemetery records for Prince Albert:  Ernest Lyall Simpson, Hugh Thomas Simpson.

    ** For online information on this family see the book titled Birch Hills, Coolidge, Heatherdell:  The People and the History.

    In the back row:  Hugh Thomas Simpson, Eva Simpson, Robert Simpson.   Front row: John A. Simpson, Joseph, Mary, George William Simpson.  Taken about 1900 I think or perhaps prior to 1895 when they left Orono.

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    John J. Thornton (1820-1905) Sat, 17 Mar 2012 23:36:10 +0000 Continue reading ]]> This post is entirely due to a contribution from Heather Anderson, great great grand daughter of J.J.  John J. Thornton (1820-1905 ) was the third child of  John Thornton (1787-1854 ) and Frances Bowler (1789-1872).  The family first lived in Dublin Corner, Leeds County, Ontario, but John J. was to eventually move to the USA.   His family tree is a little complicated as he married several times.

    1. John J. Thornton married Liza Powers, daughter of Nathaniel Hart Powers and Rebecca LaRue.   Liza died 3 days after the birth of their first child.  (Note:  Eliza Powers was the sister of Susanna Powers (2 years her younger) who married John’s brother, Thomas Thornton.)

    A. Richard Best Thornton (Nov. 12. 1843)  You can find much more on this family in a post on Richard Best Thornton.

    John J. Thornton married Nancy Coulter (1822-1863) of County Downs.

    B.  Ann Eliza Thornton was born on 04 Sept 1845 in Canada. She died on 10 May 1936.  Ann married John Hendra (1834-1899).

    i.    Annie E. Hendra was born on 16 Nov 1866 in Canada. She died on 20 Aug 1867.
    ii.    Minnie T. Hendra was born on 13 Mar 1868 in Canada. She died on 02 Jan 1877.
    iii.    John A. T. Hendra was born on 02 Mar 1870 in Canada. He died on 23 Mar 1896.
    iv.    Wellington Hendra was born on 10 Jun 1875 in Canada. He married Nettie Billings on 25 Feb 1902. He died on 25 May 1902.
    v.    Symons W. C. Hendra was born on 06 Aug 1879 in Sanilac Co., MI. He married Lena McKenney on 10 Sep 1902.
    vi.    Milton R. S. Hendra was born on 02 May 1883 in Sanilac Co., MI.

    C. William Bowler Thornton was born on 05 Jan 1847 in Canada. He married Anna Carter on 10 Oct 1869. He died on 14 Feb 1891.

    i.    William Frederick Thornton was born on 02 Nov 1870.
    ii.    Ida Jane Thornton was born on 25 Jan 1872 in Sanilac Co., MI. She died in Nov 1873.
    iii.    Mary Elizabeth Thornton was born on 04 Mar 1875 in Sanilac Co., MI. She married Alonzo Hewitt in 1898. She died on 18 Nov 1905.
    iv.    George Franklin Thornton was born on 11 Jan 1877 in Sanilac Co., MI. He married Evelyn McMahon on 17 Apr 1901.
    v.    Byron Miller Thornton was born on 05 Sep 1884 in Sanilac Co., MI. He married Matilda Nancy Gardinere on 13 Dec 1906.
    vi.    Lloyd Coulter Thornton.

    D. Sarah Elizabeth Thornton was born on 02 Sep 1850 in Canada. She married Henry Albert Cook on 18 Apr 1875.  She died on 28 Dec 1890.

    i.    John Percival Cook was born on 08 Apr 1876 in Oscoda, MI. He married LaBlanche Houston on 19 Aug 1903.
    ii.    Alameda Elizabeth Cook was born on 08 Sep 1878 in Oscoda, MI. She married Charles Christian Isely on 15 Jun 1904.
    iii.    Albertha Nancy Cook was born on 27 Nov 1880 in Sanalac Co., MI. She married Andrew E. Larson on 30 Jun 1903.
    iv.    Mattie Maria Cook was born on 07 Jan 1882 in Oscoda, MI. She married Timothy C. Green on 29 May 1904. She died on 11 Dec 1918.
    v.    Elmer Milner Cook was born on 21 May 1885 in Oscoda, MI. He died on 21 Dec 1885.

    vi.    Mae Belle Cook was born on 29 Nov 1888 in Sanalac Co., MI. She married Lester Luther
    on 15 Dec 1910.

    E. John Wade Thornton was born on 18 Oct 1853 in Canada. He married Maria Eleanor Cook in 1877. He died in Jul 1928.

    i.    Everett H Thornton was born on 25 Oct 1879.

    ii.    Lawrence H. Thornton was born on 23 Jul 1881. He died in 1928.

    iii.    Milton John Thornton was born on 27 Aug 1883.

    iv.    Estella M Thornton was born on 22 Aug 1885.

    v.    Olive Thornton was born on 18 Jun 1895.

    F.  Charles Thomas Thornton was born on 26 Oct 1856 in Canada. He married Luella Lavina Cook on 05 Jan 1880. He died on 24 Nov 1928.

    1.  Maude Luella Thornton was born on 29 Nov 1881 in Oscoda, MI. She married Charles Edward Lickfeldt on 07 Sep 1905 in Prescott, MI. She died on 21 Jan 1946 in Bay City, MI.
    ii.    boy  Thornton was born in Oct 1883. He died in Apr 1884.
    iii.    Mable Nancy Thornton was born on 25 Nov 1884 in Canada. She died on 19 Nov 1955.
    iv.    Milner Charles Thornton was born on 07 Nov 1886 in Sanalac Co., MI. He married Lula Clara Bell on 30 Sep 1907. He died on 01 Jan 1951 in MI.
    v.    John Wellington Thornton was born on 22 Jul 1889 in Sanalac Co., MI. He married Lillian Ella Green on 18 Feb 1913. He died in Apr 1940 in Detroit, MI.
    Notes for John Wellington Thornton: General Notes: August 1908 John Wellington Thornton served in the U.S. Cavalry and was stationed at Fort Sam Houston, TX, the largest post in the Union. He was discharged in May 1911. At time of enlistment, 18 yrs, 10 mos. he weighed 128 lbs. Blue eyes, Light brown hair with a ruddy complexion, 5ft 8 3/4 ins. tall.
    vi.    Milton Waid Thornton was born on 21 Jun 1892 in Oscoda, Alcona Co., MI. He married Ethel Mary Bromley on 22 Jun 1920. He died on 19 Feb 1968 in Garden City, MI.
    Notes for Milton Waid Thornton: General Notes: Milton was drafted into military service on May 10, 1916, and served in the Infantry Co-M-64 Reg. 7th Div. First he was sent to Waco, TX, then to Camp Merritt, NJ for basic training. He sailed for France on Aug 16/17. When the War ended November 11, 1918, he was in the Reserve at the front. Milton arrived back in the USA from France on June 20, 1919 and was kept in Gov’t Camp at Funsten, KS for some time. He was Sargent when discharged.

    Charles married Jennie Stewart Stage (1862-1906) who had three children from a previous marriage.  She and Charles had two children.

    vii. Mildred Jenny Thornton was born on 31 Dec 1899. She married Arthur Nixon on 22 Apr 1917. She died on 04 Jan 1951.
    viii.    Marion Elizabeth Thornton was born on 19 Sep 1904 in Ogemaw Co, MI. She died on 17 Aug 1910.

    Charles married Jesse Simpson Webster ()

    ix. Jesse Lorraine Thornton was born on 02 Apr 1908. She died on 07 Sep 1910.

    G. Alameda Safacia Louisa Thornton was born on 24 Jan 1862 in Canada. She died in Jun 1928.  She married J. Allen Husband (1861-1937)

    i.   Whitford C. Husband was born on 26 Nov 1883 in Saginaw, MI. He married Laura Cadarett in 1911.
    ii.    John Wellington Husband was born on 15 Aug 1890 in Saginaw, MI. He married Ethel Wondree on 20 Sep 1911.
    iii.    Thornton Husband was born on 16 Apr 1894 in Saginaw, MI. He died on 25 May 1895.

    iv.    Linton Alfred Husband was born on 12 May 1895 in Saginaw, MI. He married Ellen Climie in 1911.

    v.    Evangeline Husband was born on 19 Aug 1909.

    H. Nancy Rebecca Thornton was born on 05 Apr 1863 in Sanalac Co., MI. She married Frederick William Wolfe on 13 Nov 1889 in Lexington, MI.

    1.   Louise Marian Wolfe was born on 02 Jan 1891 in Applegate, MI. She married Percy John Dunn on 27 Aug 1919.
    ii.    William Frederick Wolfe was born on 21 Feb 1893 in Carsonville, MI. He married Laura Budd on 05 Nov 1919.
    iii.    Alameda Elizabeth Wolfe was born on 13 Feb 1895 in Saginaw, Genesse Co., MI.

    iv.    Henry Lloyd Wolfe was born on 28 Feb 1897 in Flushing, MI. He married Margerite A. Smith on 05 Oct 1918.
    v.    Albertha Nancy Wolfe was born on 21 Jun 1901 in Flushing, MI. She died on 08 Jan 1945.

    John J. Thornton married Mary Ann Carter in 1863.

    I. Anna Carter

    J. Peter Carter

    John J. Thornton married Louise Pack (1830-1899).  There were no children.

    John J. Thornton married Eliza Rickaby Lorriaman.  They had no children.

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