Mary Simpson (1844-1916) and William Cooney

Mary Simpson (1844-1916) was the last child of Hugh Simpson (1804-1897) and Mary Kidd (1801-1882).  She lived in Clark township much of her life before moving to Peterborough (perhaps in 1888) where she and her husband William Cooney (1846-1923) are buried.  (However, I think that William moved to Los Angeles, probably to be with family, and died there shortly after arrival.)  Not confident that I have all of their children yet, but here is what I have.

  • John H. Cooney (1869-1899).   Married to xxx.   May have moved to Detroit in 1892 to work on the railway.  In 1899 he drowned in Tennessee at age of 30.
  • Mary M. Cooney (1870-).  Also called Maryetta, or Ettie.  Married George Edward Williamson in 1895.  They may have moved to Los Angeles in 1923 where they died. (He may have moved after her death.)
    • Lloyd Cooney Williamson moved to Los Angeles in 1921.  Had a daughter names Jacqueline (1924-).
  • Esther Ella Cooney (1875-1906).  Died in Peterborough at age 34.  Unmarried.
  • William George Cooney (1874-1963).   Moved to Regina where he married Margaret  Pirie (1884-) in 1919 and they had their first two children.  By 1923 I believe he was visiting his brother Joseph Edward Cooney in Victoria and emigrated to California in March 1923.   (Brother was to die in accident one month later.) Died in California in 1963.   His father, William, went to California where he died in December, 1923.
    • William “Billy”  Lee Cooney (December 1920-1975).  Born in Regina.  Buried in LA National Cemetery.
    • Lloyd J. Cooney (July 1922-).  May be Jimmy Lloyd Cooney.  Born in Regina.
    • Betty Margaret Cooney (May 1924-).  Born in Long Beach, California.
  • Joseph Edward  Cooney (1880-1923).  Married Laura Willmot Roberts (1879-).  In 1892 was in Toronto where he worked as a street car conductor.  In 1905 moved to Edmonton where he worked as a barber.  In about 1919 they moved to Victoria where he worked as a brakeman on the railway and was killed in a work accident in 1923.  His body was transported back to Port Perry (just north of Orono) for burial.
    • Edward Lloyd Cooney (1918-2011).
    • Laura Josephine Cooney (1922-1992).  Married Alvin Benjamin Evans (1917-1997).
    • Mary Eilleen (1906-).  Born in Edmonton.  After her fathers death she went to Michigan to be with an Aunt.

  • Naturalization document for William George Cooney.

Below: Billy Lee Cooney, 1938.

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