Manitoba Simpsons

As noted in other posts, some Simpson family members from Ontario homesteaded in Manitoba.  John A. Simpson (1856-), son of George Simpson (and brother of the Hugh Simpson of most interest to us) and the grandson of Hugh Simpson senior, left Ontario  prior to 1891 and can be found in the Brandon area of Manitoba.  I believe John A. was a witness at the marriage of Hugh Simpson and Helen Thornton in 1883, so the families may well have stayed in touch.  He married a woman named Flora McDougald and they had at least two children.   PLEASE NOTE: I am now skeptical that John A. is a son of George.  Wh0 is he?

  1. Myrtle Simpson (1886-).  Check this photo to see if it is Myrtle.   Now sure of this but a Myrtle Alberta Simpson married Lewis Raymond Peebles in 1914.  He also served in WW1.  She died in 1939.
  2. Clarence Gordon Simpson (1887-1916).  Killed in action, WW 1.

The second group we have in Manitoba is Joseph Simpson (1838-before 1907), son of Hugh Simpson senior, (and thus the uncle to the John A. Simpson mentioned above) married to Mary Stewart (1848-after 1917) of Clarke Township and they had a number of children.   They moved to Manitoba in 1895 after the death of Hugh senior, settling near Holland, Manitoba.  In 1902 Joseph and his family moved on to Birch Hills, Saskatchewan where both he and his wife died.   Joseph and Mary’s children were:

  1. Hugh I. Simpson (1873-died early)
  2. William George Simpson (1876-) In 1911 living at home)
  3. Eva C. Simpson (1878-)
  4. John A Simpson (?)
  5. Robert Simpson (1883-)
  6. Thomas Simpson (1874-).  Married Anne Thomson in Manitoba.  In 1911 farming close to his parents.
    1. Ella May Simpson (1902-).   Is this
      Ella May, or perhaps her sister?
    2. Evelyn Simpson (1904-)
    3. Arthur Simpson (1906-)
    4. Lyall Simpson (1909-)

I have now discovered that Mary Jane Monford, daughter of Jane Simpson, married Robert Henry Thompson and they too lived and died in Manitoba, so it could be them.

The photo below may be of some of these members.

Could this be Thomas Simpson and his wife Anne??   Photo taken in Morden Manitoba (which is close to Holland).

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  1. Lisa says:

    Okay, this is definitely our family. John A. Simpson was married to Flora McDougall – they definitely had two chilren. Myrtle A. and Clarence Gordon. I don’t know if Myrtle was every married. Would love to share more with your family.


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